This year has seen a texting while driving ban in Florida. Bicyclists know well the danger to them that distracted driving poses.

There is another type of distracted driving. It has to do with wearing a headset. It has never been easier to stream music. This means it has never been easier to listen to music while riding. Florida law regulates how we can legally listen to music while riding a bicycle. The same law applies to bicycle riders, motorcycle riders, and car and truck drivers.


You cannot wear a headset or ear buds in both ears while riding a bicycle. What you can do is wear one bud while riding a bicycle which can be connected to your cell phone. This allows you to listen to music or talk on your cell phone while the other ear is free to hear voices of other riders or traffic sounds.

This is what is legal. Whether it is advisable to listen to music or talk on a cell phone while riding is another matter. It is also legal for adult bike riders to not wear a helmet. If you are on a group ride, many groups ban helmetless riders. Group rides can also make a determination whether they allow who uses an earbud while riding.

Safety is important for each of us, whether we ride alone or in a group. Let's be careful out there. To read more about Florida Bike Law go to

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